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  • 04/04/12--10:30: MYM.LoL at APL Season 2
  • APL

    AbsoluteLegends is proud to announce the AbsoluteProLeague and the AbsoluteAmateurLeague  Season 2 which will start in April. In each League 16 teams are fighting each other in 4 different Groups. The AbsoluteProLeague will consist of 16 teams which have been invited to the League. Every month there will be a new AbsoluteProLeague (APL) where the top 4 of the previous APL will be the top seeded teams. The tournament of APL Season 2  will take place form 1st April until April 31st. The winner of each APL will receive 1,000€ while the second and third placed team will get Hardware Prizes. At the end of the Season there will be one Online Qualifier for the top 8 ranked teams, where the best 8 teams will qualify for the Grand Final which will be at a LAN event with a minimum prize money of $10,000. pl flag HCL Gaming finished 1st place on the AbsoluteAmateurLeague  and they earn the slot at AbsoluteProLeague for season 2.

     The matches will also be casted on AbsoluteTV with uk flag Panky and uk flag Deman commentating. The matches will also be recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel.


    These are the current teams points of Season 1:

    eu flag 100
    fr flag aAa 75
    eu flag AbsoluteLegends  50
    nl flag Western Wolves  30
    pl flag MYM  20
    eu flag NaVi  20
    fr flag Sypher  20
    ru flag Mouz  20
    eu flag WinFakt  10
    fr flag Milenium  10
    eu flag Teamless  10
    de flag mTw  10
    ru flag Moscow 5  5
    eu flag FnaticRC  5
    fi flag TCM-Gaming  5
    nl flag LowLandLions  5



    Group A 
    eu flag AbsoluteLegends
    fr flag Sypher
    eu flag Teamless
    nl flag LowLandLions
           Group B 
    eu flag Counter Logic Gaming
    ru flag Mousesports
    de flag mTw
    fi flag TCM-Gaming


    Group C 
    fr flag aAa
    eu flag Natus Vincere
    ru flag Moscow 5
    eu flag WinFakt
           Group D 
    nl flag Western Wolves
    pl flag MeetYourMakers
    fr flag Millenium
    pl flag HCL Gaming


    Gold 1st place - €1,000
    Silver 2nd place - €500
    bronze 3rd place - Riot Points & Skins.



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    Here are the brackets: 

    eu flag

    eu flag
     world Noob Heroes

    eu flag
    nl flag Western Wolves

    nl flag Western Wolves
    eu Myrmidons

    eu flag
    pl flagMeetYourMakers

    pl flagMeetYourMakers
    pt flag PTRevolution

    pl flagMeetYourMakers
    fr flag Millenium

    de flag ESC ICY BOX
    de flag ESC ICY BOX

    Gold eu
    eu flag FnaticRaidCall

    eu flag FnaticRaidCall
    es flag UNITA

    eu flag FnaticRaidCall
    eu flag SK Gaming

    eu flag SK Gaming
    eu flag Killerfish

    eu flagFnaticRaidCall
    es flag x6tence

    es flag x6tence
    dk flag Team Derpers

    eu flag AbsoluteLegends
    eu flag AbsoluteLegends

    eu flag AbsoluteLegends
    de flag Famous Five


    3rd Place Decider 

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    It is Friday the 6th. The Gamers-Assembly is due to start tomorrow and our players are safely arrived by plane and are now driving by car to France Poitiers. Germany Sebastian 'Falli' Rotterdam should be arriving by train anytime soon and I am safely arrived aswell.

    Our League of Legends team will play starting from Sunday so they have a free day to hang at the LAN and see how other teams play.

    Pictures will be available from Saturday to Monday as long as live results.

    We will arrive at the LAN for the opening ceremony at 11:00am CET until later in the evening. See you tomorrow for the beginning of the fun!

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    Today officially kicked off the Gamers-Assembly 2012 with a great introduction by France Desire Koussawo, Futurolan's President and two of his co-workers: a Counter-Strike player and a behind-the-scene guy.

    The scene looks as follows:

    They also opened the partner village where everyone is able to try new games like Shootmania and so other amazing stuff. Brands like Asus, Coolermaster or LDLC opened giant stands with thousands of things to look at, and even buy if you wish.

    For the very first time in the world, Nadeo allowed us to play the very first Alpha version of their FPS Shootmania, and these are the first public images. All players will also freely receive Alpha keys.

    This is the view from above the partner village:

    As last year, the Medion StarCraft II Trophy is taking place at the Gamers-Assembly and is watchable, for the first round, in the scene.

    The first match to be watched was France Christophe 'Eeel' Boucardey against Germany Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider, who won two maps to none. Note that HasuObs won last year's trophy.

    Tomorrow is the D-day for our players as they start playing tomorrow for the MSI/NVIDIA League of Legends Trophy.


    More pictures can be found here.

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    Day 2 was a very busy day for our LoL players. In fact, they add to play numerous matches and most of them were best-of-3 ones.

    Upper Brackets
    Eighth Finals Quarter Finals Semi-Finals Upper Final Upper Winner

    Lithuania AL

    Lithuania AL
    France Rnar
    2 - 0 Lithuania AL
    France LDLC

    France LDLC
    France T. Hello
    2 - 0 Lithuania AL
    France Millenium

    France Millenium
    France Grr!
    1 - 2 Poland MYM
    Poland MYM

    Poland MYM
    France eXtensive!
    0 - 2 Belgium Sypher
    Ukraine Na`Vi

    Ukraine Na`Vi
    France Overmind
    0 - 2 Belgium Sypher
    Belgium Sypher

    Belgium Sypher
    France Réaction
    2 - 1 Belgium Sypher

    France ArtChaos
    2 - 0 Europe
    France Eclypsia

    France Eclypsia
    France HEROES

    Lower Brackets
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
    Round 5
    Lower Final Lower Winner

    Ukraine Na`Vi

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    Day 3 was a very important day as it showed the Grand Final and the Small Final played in the amphitheatre all afternoon long.

    The first match saw Lithuania AbsoluteLegends beat Europe 2 maps to 1. Consequently, the Lithuanian guys were to play against Belgium Sypher, who had a 1 map advantage due to coming from the winner bracket.

    France Zeryane, the head admin of the tournament came in the scene announcing the afternoon we were going to see. On the left side of the picture is the team and on the right we can see the Lithuanian guys of AL.

    After the first match was played, we could finally see the Grand Final and the rise of the non-expected team Belgium Sypher.

    Grand Final
    Belgium Sypher 2

    Gold Sypher
    Lithuania AL


    More pictures can be found here.

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    In a constant effort to improve our rosters, MeetYourMakers is glad to announce that we will go intro partnership with the very famous Korean StarCraft II team, MVP, in order to form a powerful line-up.

    Consequently, all StarCraft II players will be wearing the tag of MYM.MVP when playing, to represent both teams.



    Korea, South Soon Ho 'DongRaeGu' Park, is one of the most famous player of the World since he won the HOT6 GSL 2012 Season 1 , which will be not the last big Tournement he will win. This great results obviously makes him a major player of MYM.MVP.

    Korea, South Jung 'Genius' Min Soo is another keyplayer for this team. After a great performance he made it to the HOT6 GSL 2012 Season 1 Final too and reached the 2nd Place after an epic match versus his teammate DongRaeGu.

    Germany Daniel 'XlorD' Spenst our German Warcraft 3 Legend, will be the only non-Korean player in the team. Daniel showed some good results in the past months for example when he qualified for IEM Brazil.

    These 3 Players are not the only ones who playing for MYM.MVP as we will have a quite big Roster with 13 Players. There are many great talents waiting for their big chance so stay tuned.

    The team will make their first offline appearance under the new tag of MYM.MVP at the DreamHack Eizo Open on April 21st and 22nd, 2012.

    MYM.MVP's roster looks as follows:

    Germany Daniel 'XlorD' Spenst
    Korea, South Joong Hyuk 'Dream' Cho
    Korea, South Soo Ho 'DongRaeGu' Park
    Korea, South Kyung Deok 'Finale' Kim
    Korea, South Min Soo  'Genius' Jeong
    Korea, South Kyu Seok 'Keen' Han
    Korea, South Kang Bum 'KeePing' Lee
    Korea, South Hyun Seung 'Monster' Tak
    Korea, South Do Joon 'Noblesse' Chae
    Korea, South Seung-Chul 'sC' Kim
    Korea, South Tae Hoon 'Sniper' Kwon
    Korea, South Won Hyung 'Tails' Kim
    Korea, South Seo Sung 'Vampire' Min

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    On Friday it was at first a brief affair, as Korea, SouthZerg MYM.MVP DongRaeGu  was almost eliminated as the seventh, but could finally save himself as sixth-placed into the playoffs. In the playoffs nothing was to remember from his difficult starting in the preliminary round. So he was able to occupy quickly a dominant role.

    In the playoffs he showed an awesome performance against Korea, SouthProtoss SK|MC and Korea, SouthTerran coL|GanZi and even beat Korea, SouthTerran MarineKing in the final with a 4-3 score in an amazing Bo7. Below we have summarized the grid of the playoffs for you.

    Playoff Stage
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Winner

    Korea, SouthTerran MarineKing

    3 - 1 Korea, SouthTerran MarineKing

    Korea, SouthZerg viOLet

    1 - 3 Korea, SouthTerran Heart

    Korea, SouthTerran Heart

    3 - 4
    Korea, South Zerg DRG

    Korea, SouthProtoss MC

    0 - 3 Korea, SouthZerg DRG

    Korea, SouthZerg DRG

    3 - 0 Korea, SouthZerg DRG

    Korea, SouthTerran GanZi


    A glad Korea, SouthZerg MYM.MVP.DongRaeGu after winning $5,000 for his 1st place.


    Last but not least, we found a very funny interview with our player Korea, South DongRaeGu after winning the tournament. The interview was held by Korea, South viOLet who he was able to translate.



    About 6,000 kilometres to the East, the Dreamhack EIZO Open took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Two players of our team MYM.MVP tried their luck here and succeeded partially. Again we summarized the playoff grid up from round 2 (RO8).


    Playoff Stage
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Winner

    SwedenTerran SjoW

    0 - 2 Korea, SouthTerran Polt

    Korea, SouthTerran Polt

    2 - 0 Korea, SouthTerran Polt

    Korea, SouthProtoss Genius

    1 - 2 NetherlandsZerg ret

    NetherlandsZerg ret

    1 - 3
    SwedenTerran ThorZaIN
    Korea, SouthZerg Monster

    0 0


    MYM.LoL is invited to the second PLAY RaidCall Cup by Fnatic. The tournament is played online and is open for everyone.

    It consists of 72 teams and two playdays while the first day is for the 64 signed up teams to battle in a best-of-one format for their chance to play against the 8 invited teams and form a 16 teams bracket with them.

    Selected Matches will be casted on FnaticTV on two different streams. Playday two is dedicated to the best 16 european teams to fight for the 500$ all or nothing prize plus RP rewards provided by Riot Games.

    The grand finals will be played in a best-of-three as the rest is a best-of-one.


    Invited teams:

    Poland Meet Your Makers

    Europe FnaticRaidCall

    Europe SK Gaming

    Europe Millenium

    Europe Death Fire Grasp

    Finland TCM Gaming

    Germany n!faculty

    Poland exHCL


    The event will take place at the 30th and 31st May.








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    As we announced, the MYM.MVP formation participated in the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim, California this weekend. Our Zerg Korea, SouthZerg Park "DongRaeGu" Soo Ho managed to achieve the first place by defeating Korea, SouthProtoss Yang 'Alicia' Joon Sik. Soo ho could prevail against the european participants as well as his fellow countrymen. During the whole tournament he lost only one game against the German Toss GermanyProtoss Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs giving him the amazing balance of 7 of 8 Game wins and 16 of 20 Map Wins.


       DongRaeGu    DongRaeGu



    MYM.MVP Korea, SouthTerran Cho "Dream" Joong Hyuk was eliminated in Group Stage.            Korea, SouthZerg Tak 'Monster' was able to win against the 'bosstoss'    Korea, SouthProtoss Jang 'MC' Min Chul in the looser Bracket. MC hit the 13th place.

    Best european Player was neitherFranceZerg Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri nor                 SwedenTerran Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf but former MYM Player SwedenProtoss Kim "SaSe" Hammar achieving the 6th place.


    MLG Spring Championship



    Final Standings:

                                           Player Prize
    1st    Gold      Korea, South DongRaeGu  25.000 $
    2nd    Silver   Korea, South  Alicia 15.000 $
    3rd     Bronze Korea, South  MarineKing 9.000 $
    4th Sweden SaSe 5.500 $
    5th Korea, South  PuMa 3.500 $
    6th France Stephano 3.500 $
    7th Korea, South  Polt 2.250 $
    8th Korea, South  Inori 2.250 $
    9th Korea, South  Leenock 1.500 $
    10th Korea, South  Oz 1.500 $
    11th Korea, South  Monster 1.500 $
    12th Korea, South  Symbol 1.500 $
    13th Korea, South  MC 1.000 $
    14th Korea, South  aLive 1.000 $
    15th Korea, South  GanZi 1.000 $
    16th Netherlands Grubby 1.000 $