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XlorD qualifies for Sao Paulo


The Intel Extreme Masters is the world's biggest eSports tournament featuring events around the world and $635,000 in prize money this season.

Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Sao Paulo will take place at the Campus Party event in Sao Paulo, Brazil from the 19th to 22nd February. A total of $21,000 is up for grabs for StarCraft 2.

Germany Daniel 'XlorD' Spenst, our MYM.StarCraft2 player, qualified this week for the grand final, after some great matches during the second qualifier held by Electronic Sports League.

Xlord, here during the GamesCom 2011

Alongside Daniel, another three players qualified for the Sao Paulo tournament, through the two qualifiers organised on ESL website:

Switzerland Han Sang 'biGs' Cho

Germany Jonathan 'DarKFoRcE' Belke

Belgium Jérémy 'Feast' Vansnick

During the qualifier, Germany Daniel 'XlorD' Spenst defeated another two German players, two Swedish players and one Russian: Germany DreZkaTT (Round 1), Sweden Forsen (Round 2), Sweden SjoW (Round 3), Germany HasuObs (Round 3), Russian Fede- roxkisSlivko (Semi-final).

MYM|XlorD releases a replaypack


In order to kick off 2012, Germany Daniel 'MYM|XlorD' Spenst has decided to share 4 replays of him against some of the greatest players like Ukraine WhiteRa for example. These replays are really worth the watch if you enjoy great actions and intense fights in StarCraft II.

All of them are available in our replay center but here they are one by one :

  1. WhiteRa vs. MYMXlorD - Details
  2. MYMXlorD vs. GameOfDrones - Details
  3. Ladabaz vs. MYMXlorD - Details
  4. MYMXlorD vs. EmpireHappy - Details
  5. mouzHasu vs. MYMXlorD - Details
  6. mouzHasu vs. MYMXlorD - Details
  7. SjoW vs. MYMXlorD - Details
  8. SjoW vs. MYMXlorD - Details
  9. MYMXLorD vs. RoxKisSlivko - Details
  10. MYMXLorD vs. RoxKisSlivko - Details
  11. MYMXLorD vs. RoxKisSlivko - Details


Follow The Premier League


The Premier League is a Dota 2 online tournament organized by France Laurent 'Ange' Blum with DotaCommentaries and Twitch.tv.

10 worldwide teams, including MeetYourMakers, have been invited in order to battle it out for a total prizemoney of $10,000, where half of this goes to the gold-awarded team.

All games will be played in a best-of-2 format where the winning team gains 3 points whereas the losing one gets no point. If the match ends in a draw (1-1), every team get 1 point.

The tournament started at the very beginning of the year and will run through 2 months and 45 matches (90 games at least).


The prizemoney is divided as follows :

Bronze $2,000


Read the coverage here !


Coverage : myMYM.com
Stream : Twitch.tv
Facebook : The Premier League



MYM triple-draws in TPL


The Premier League event is now almost three weeks in, with three of the third week's matches already played out. After two rounds, Ukraine Natus Vincere is leading the table with a perfect score of two wins which brought them 6 points, but they have yet to play their 3rd match. Malaysia MeetYourMakers has only managed to grab 3 points by drawing against China World EliteDenmark SK Gaming and Serbia and M- Fnatic.RaidCall thus placing themselves in the middle part of the league table.

In their opening TPL match, Malaysia MYM faced the Chinese team World Elite in two very strategic (or, to paraphrase the streamcaster United State- David 'Luminous' Zhang, very Chinese) games with plenty of maneuvering and tactical outwitting. Despite this high strategic awareness from both teams, neither seemed to be too wary of engaging the opponent, so even those who prefer "action-packed" games could find the games highly enjoyable.

Here are the VOD links, with a short chronology of some interesting momentum-shifting moments in spoilers under each one of them (in case you don't have time to watch the whole game):


The Premier League - playweek 1 match
World Elite

China Chan
China SJQ
China mofi
China Fnty
China Icy

Singapore hyhy
Malaysia Sharky
Malaysia ling
Malaysia Net
Malaysia TooFGood

China World Elite 

 MeetYourMakers Malaysia  


Game #1 VOD

Moments to watch out for: 

Click to show.








Game #2 VOD

Moments to watch out for: 

Click to show.


The Premier League - playweek 2 match

Singapore hyhy
Malaysia Sharky
Malaysia ling
Malaysia Net
Malaysia TooFGood


Denmark miGGel
Denmark AngeL
Denmark Link
Denmark Ryze
Denmark MaNia-
SK Gaming

Malaysia MeetYourMakers

SK-Gaming Denmark 


Game #1 VOD

Moments to watch out for:

Click to show.










Game 2 VOD (part1) (part2)

Moments to watch out for:

Click to show.















Here is also the result from the third week's match without the VOD links, since they are not yet uploaded by The Premier League's official streamcaster. We will add them at the bottom once they become available:


The Premier League - playweek 3 match

Singapore hyh

MYM qualified for the Finals of EPS Spain


Spain MeetYourMakers is one of the best European League of Legends teams and participates in the ESL Pro Series Spain. Yesterday, they played the Semi-Finals of the tournament and they won against Spain Pain Gaming. It was a Best-of-3 match and MeetYourMakers was able to win 2-0. 

Here you can see the tournament tree of EPS Spain and here you can read the Post-Match-Statments of both teams.

We made an interview with the players of MeetYourMakers where they talk about the EPS and the future of the team.

Hey guys you are the current Champions in Spanish ESL Pro Series and now you reached the Final again. How does it feel to get the chance again to be on top of your Country?

MYM Neokaos: We're really happy to get the chance again to become the best Spanish team and we're training a lot to continue being that

Your opponent in Semifinal was called Pain Gaming. Was it a hard Match? 
I mean u won the Quarterfinal 2:0 and now you guys won the Semifinal 2:0 again.

MYM Exterminare: There are no easy games, we give our best in each match and we respect our opponents in and outside the game. We were lucky this time but at the end we got the results we expected.

It seems you're in a great mood at the moment.

MYM Exterminare: It is quite early to say that, look we are a young team and we have a lot of work to do until we reach our full potential. Right now we are working so hard to improve and try to perform at the highest level as good as possible.

Some weeks ago you got some Line-up changes. Araneae and heiN left the Team and Carbono and Samux joined the Team.
What was the reason to change and do you think it's working better now?

MYM Exterminare: Well, it's not an easy question and they were two different decisions based on different facts. Long story short answer, the team was a little bit exhausted after an intense season. Some bad results bring us to the fact that we have to make changes, in exchange of experience, a different dynamic. So we tried 2 new players and it worked fine. Sometimes u need changes to make things better. 

I watched some training matches from you guys versus fnatic, SK Gaming and the IEM Kiev Winner, Moscow5 and you won a lot of these matches. What can we expect from your Team in the future?

MYM Exterminare: The only thing I can say is that we will give our best in the upcoming competitions. Our goal is to get on a Level where we can face any other to get intense and successful  matches.

There is a lot of competition in League of Legends between the different Communities. At IEM New York the top 3 Teams were from Europe and at IEM Kiev the Winner was from Europe too. Do you think that the European Scene is the strongest at the moment?

MYM Neokaos: Well, some US Server teams already said that EU Servers might be the strongest Scene at the moment, and that's why some of them are moving to EU-Servers to train. In my opinion, the players are the ones who make a server become famous. USA got also good players so some people say that the US Servers are the strongest.

Ok. Back to EPS Spain, as far as I know, Spanish ESL Pro Series Final will be played offline. I mean the pressure at an offline event is much higher than playing online. What about your offline experience so far?

MYM Babeta: Our experience in offline events? Well, I played 4 different offline events together with Exterminare, 2 in Spain and 2 in other countries. In all of them, except WCG Korea, we got quite good results, so I'd say, we might play better in offline events.

So you guys think you can win the Title again infront of your great fans?

MYM Babeta: There's no doubt it will be hard to beat our opponent (x6tence or deMentes). x6tence, for example, is also playing with a very known player, which is fnatic xPeke, the whole team is a very good so it won't be easy. Anyway, we trust on our possibilities and we think we'll be able to get this title again.

Sounds nice to me. Any further words u want to give to your Fans of the MeetYourMakers Community?

MYM Babeta: Well, I'd like to tell the community that all the line-up changes we had, were always made because we focus on getting the best results. Our main goal is to get MYM's name into the highest place. Thank you to the community and our great sponsors like Razer, Western Digital and Puma for supporting us. I'm also glad to announce, that recently we've opened our own Stream Channel; So from now on, League of Legends players and Fans will be able to follow our upcoming matches and Tournaments Live. Please check out my stream.

MYM picks up ex-MUFC.DotA


MeetYourMakers has, for a few years now, made itself a name in the DotA scene. With the rise of the Dota 2 Beta and the fall of its predecesor, it was an obvious move to switch to the new game. The time has come.

Famous streaming website JoinDOTA already announced this but nothing was official nor confirmed by the MeetYourMakers management, today is the day.

To begin the new year, MeetYourMakers is moving on to a new stage by welcoming the ex Malaysia MUFC team, in order to team up with our famous captain Singapore Han Yong 'hyhy' Benedict Lim.

 Singapore Han Yong 'hyhy' Benedict Lim

hyhy is the captain of the team for a few months now.

His skill is undubitable as he ended third of 'The International Dota 2 Championship' in August with his previous team, Singapore Scythe.sg by beating the ex-MYM team.

hyhy is the only player from Singapore but he has complete support from his teammates as the team captain. He is, one could say, the core of the team.

Malaysia Sim 'Ling' Woi Cheong

Sim's micromanagement has always been impressive for everyone watching him playing mainly with heroes like Chen or Enchantress - which are some of the hardest heroes in the game to master.

Former player of both MUFC and INC.Excello, Ling is no stranger in South-East Asia and has also performed in both local and international stages.

The 20 year old is known for being shy but he turns to be a different man with both a mouse and a keyboard in his hands.

Malaysia Lim 'net' Wai Pern

Lim has been Raymond's friend since the early days of 2009. He is almost the youngest player in the team, but this does, in no way, prevent him from being a very successful player.

He acts like a secondary captain for the team and his playstyle is really agressive, which makes him a tough opponent to play against.

net mainly plays as a supporter but is very flexible and can play almost any role or hero in the game.

Malaysia Raymond 'Sharky' Wong

Raymond's nickname could not be more true as his playstyle is as agressive as a shark's attack. Unlike the animal, Sharky does not directly attacks humans, only their heroes!

Before acting as MUFC's team captain, he already proved he was a great player by playing for teams like INC.Excello and Cybertime in 2009.

In 2010, Sharky and his friends finished 4th at the very first World DotA Cup in China Wuhan.

Raymond's intelligence is very high and his performance very stable, which is a great guarantee for the team's success.

Malaysia Daniel 'TooFGood' Wong

Daniel's censored nickname does, in no way, prevent him from being a successful player and a must-have in the team.

He is what we can call a rising star. He started his pro career by joining the famous Malaysian team MUFC in October last year and kept on proving he is a talented player.

We strongly believe that his addition to MeetYourMakers will bringa new dimension to the whole team.

However, there is no team without a manager to help the players tap into their potentials. With great devotion, Malaysia Chen 'Chenizace' Chinyi is the man of the situation. The players invest all their trust in Chen and so do we, here at myMYM.com, believing in his management abilities and a good relationship with his players. He has an incredible knowledge of DotA, Dota 2 and the eSports scene which makes him one of the best managers in the DotA world.

Statement by Malaysia Chen 'Chenizace' Chinyi, Team Manager:

I would like to say my thanks to MYM for giving us such an honored opportunity to join one of the best professional gaming organizations in the world. Being a part of MYM is going to be one of the best moments of my professional gaming life. I strongly believe that this partnership will result in success and my teammates will definetely train hard to achieve the results we desire, in both Online and Offline events across the world.
Lastly, I would like to thank our 
Malaysia MUFC CEO, Jerry Kok for putting so much effort and giving us financial support during our days in the organization. And thanks to our supporters who always cheer us up and show us how supportive they are. We are really grateful for that and will try our best to prove ourselves.

The whole MeetYourMakers team wishes a complete and successful year to the boys.

Win yourself a Dota 2 Beta key


With the final release of Dota 2 coming closer every day and the close-to-impossibility of finding a Dota 2 Beta key these days, we at MeetYourMakers have decided to help you guys with it.

Via a daily giveaway and a Valentine's Day special, we will not be giving away 1 key, we will not be giving away 2 keys... we will be giving away 13 keys.

Dreaming of getting yourself one of these? Here is how :

  1. Join our Facebook page
  2. Register in the site
  3. Answer our Facebook post with "myMYM.com account: your account - Answer: your answer" (if it is a question - otherwise, we will tell you how to do it in the post)
  4. Hope!

Make sure to check our afore-mentioned Facebook page to know how to earn your key. Starting from February 5th, every single day will have a different contest and will run only for 24 hours, as soon as the contest was announced. They will always be announced at 21:00 CET and will be valid until 21:00 CET of the next day. No answer will be accepted after those times have passed.

Winners will be announced at the same time as the next contest gets announced, always via Facebook.

Only one Dota 2 Beta key can be awarded per person and all keys will be sent via either IRC (#MeetYourMakers), Skype or email. 1 user will only be able to win 1 key.

If you counted well, it starts on the 5th and we will give away 1 key per day. We will give actually 8 of them, from the beginning to the 8th, and we will have planned a Valentine's Day special where we will give 5 keys at once.

This special giveaway is named "in love with MYM", and you will have to show your love to us, by any visual way you want. Be it a wallpaper, a video or whatever cool, all you have to do is show us your love! Please note that you only have one chance.

Starting from today, this special giveaway will end the 13th so we can announce the 5 winners on Valentine's Day, at 9pm CET again.

We will be judging the five best submissions, and will give 1 key per winner. Email your submission to one of the following address: e.forgeau[at]myMYM[dot]com or s.rotterdam[at]myMYM[dot]com.


Good luck everyone!

A flight with XlorD


Germany Daniel 'XlorD' Spenst will be flying to Brazil Sao Paulo in order to attend the Intel Extreme Masters offline tournament there. Before he flies away, we sat down with him to know about his feelings.



You beat many strong players in the qualifier, how did you prepare for the qualifier?

Well, I just played some ladder games.

You are with United Kingd- Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker, Belgium Jérémy 'Feast' Vansnick and Brazil Tunico in your group, what are your thoughts about this group?

I think DeMusliM is a strong player, Feast aswell. DeMusliM is training a lot in the United States. Feast is also playing very well lately, but I think I did not play against him yet. Tunico... well I don't know him too much, except that he is Zerg. We will see!

How did your practice for the tournament?

I couldn't practice too much due to school, but I hope I can impress you guys. I think I play better offline, so let's see. I mostly played ladder, that's my preparation.

You will face some of the best players in the world, do you feel you can claim the title?

I think I can make it to the top, but I don't know in which shape those players are, I just wanna show you great games.

9 Zergs will attend IEM Sao Paulo, what do you think about ZvZ?

ZvZ is all about starting build order luck, the best build order has the advantage in early games. But then it's pretty a skill game.

Who do you think will be the hardest opponent?

I think they are the Korean and fulltime players, like DeMusliM.

Are you exited to travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil?

Yeah, I've never been to Brazil. I heard the food is great, and I like to eat... So let's do this!

Any last words?

Thanks to MYM and our sponsors Razer, Western Digital and Puma for having the opportunity to attend IEM Sao Paulo and I hope you all support me. Thank you! XlorD 5:0

Your time is now


Why is MYM hiring:

2012 is going to be MeetYourMakers' year. In an effort to make this year become ours, we are looking for fresh, young and motivated staff to make sure the website is constantly updated with exclusive content, be it news, coverages, announcements or articles.

We really enjoy welcoming new people among our ranks. We, at myMYM.com, work as a team which could best be described as a family considering how close we are with each other. Anyone who enjoys working in a team and who likes moral support would easily find their place with us.

You have no past experience and are afraid of sending an application, whereas you would really like to join us? Do not be afraid, we want to hear from you!


Why join MYM:

myMYM.com offers its staff members some of the greatest working conditions with a great environment to work in. Editors are provided with an incredible amount of pre-made tables, brackets, icons and banners in order to make their work easier.

Working in a friendly, helpful environment, is a point which myMYM.com puts all its effort into, in order to make sure everyone has a nice time being part of MYM. A newcomer's voice will have the same impact as a senior member of the team, no matter the previous experience.

There is no "bad" news or articles written, this is a word we never use. We prefer pointing out what needs to be improved, in a transparent way, so the editor knows what to do to turn a news or an article in a great piece of work, and entertain the readers!

In addition, myMYM.com has things in store to reward the work of its editors.


What are the open positions:

Dota 2 Editor/Consultant

What could we say of Dota 2? The game is still in a Beta phase and already sees the rise of a huge amount of tournaments, leagues and teams. With an opening tournament like The International, Dota 2 promises to be one of the major titles in eSports in the next months and years.

For this position, we are looking for people able to take note of all team transfers, tournaments, events or any original content. Editors can be asked to make articles, or can write some by themselves, based upon an idea of their own.

Consultants, basically, do not write news but are very aware of a certain area and keep the editors updated of everything important happening within this area.

Dota 2 Editors would also have to follow our players' performances and might have to closely work with them.


- Must have a good knowledge of English
- Have great knowledge of the Dota 2 scene


StarCraft II Editor/Consultant

StarCraft II is, indubitably, one of the main titles in eSports with an incredible amout of tournaments, leagues, teams and players. Sponsors invest a lot of money in this game, and myMYM.com also needs to be in on it. Consequently, we have quite some positions to be filled in our StarCraft II Editorial Crew.

For this position, we are looking for people able to take note of all team transfers, tournaments, events or any original content. Editors can be asked to make articles, or can write some by themselves, based upon an idea of their own.

Consultants, basically, do not write news but are very aware of a certain area and keep the editors updated of everything important happening within this area.

StarCraft II Editors would also have to follow our players' performances and might have to closely work with them. 


- Have a decent knowledge of the English language
- Have a great knowledge of the StarCraft II scene


League of Legends Editor/Consultant

League of Legends is a rising MOBA which has a heavy impact in the eSports scene with the support of world-wide companies like Intel or Alienware. It would be unrealistic to not cover this game. Consequently, myMYM.com has a few open positions to fill.

For this position, we are looking for people able to take note of all team transfers, tournaments, events or any original content. Editors can be asked to make articles, or can write some by themselves, based upon an idea of their own.

Consultants, basically, do not write news but are very aware of a certain area and keep the editors updated of everything important happening within this area.

League of Legends Editors would also have to follow our players' performances and might have to closely work with them.


- Have a decent knowledge of the English language
- Have a great knowledge of the League of Legends scene



Proofreads are the helpful people who check every single word and sentence in order to make sure there are no mistakes hiding in a text. A proofreader works in secret before the news goes public and has an impact on the reader's opinion of the news and, generally, on myMYM.com.

Proofreaders can also be editors in any of the above-mentioned sections.


- Must have an excellent knowledge of English
- Enjoy helping colleagues
- Plus: Knowledge of HTML


How to apply for a position:

Applying for one or more positions has never been easier. In fact, all you have to do is send your application to e.forgeau[at]myMYM[dot]com with the following details:

  • Full name and nickname
  • Nationality
  • Country of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Spoken/written languages
  • Contact infos (Skype, IRC...)

The subject of the email has to be "MYM application."

Do not hesitate to add some links to your previous work (if you have any), we would like to see it! In case you never did similar work before, do not worry, we still want to hear from you. Anything else that could make your application turn in your favor is, obviously, welcome. The most important requirement is having the will to learn everyday, in order to unleash the greater from you.

Please note that we are accepting, and even looking for, people from all over the world.


Answers will be given within a few days.

viOLet wins Global Challenge Sao Paulo


After four days of gaming and a real show for the audience, the tournament is now over. The best StarCraft 2 player was the Korean Korea, South Dong-Hwan 'viOLet' Kim, who won against Korea, South Young Jin 'SuperNoVa' Kim (Old Generations). All tournament matches, including the final, were in the "best out of five" format.

Dong-Hwna 'viOlet' Kim won the first two maps, Taldarim Altar and Antiga Shipyard, and lost on Shakuras Plateau. The decisive match for viOLet was on Metalopolis, securing his place at the grand final from World Championship that will take part in March in Germany at CeBIT.

The 3rd place was taken by Team Liquid's Dutch player, Netherlands Joseph 'Ret' de Kroon, who won against Korea, South Jin Sil 'ReaL' Oh with 3:0.

Our MYM.StarCraft 2 player, Germany Daniel 'XlorD' Spenst, placed himself between the 9th and 12th place, after he finished 3rd in his group.

SC StarCraft II final standings: ($21,000)

  1st Korea, South viOLet - $6,500
  2nd Korea, South SuperNoVa - $3,300
  3rd Netherlands ret - $1,750
  4th Korea, South reaL - $1,250
  5th-8th United Kingd- DemusliM - $800
  5th-8th Norway DarK.FoRcE - $800
  5th-8th Belgium  Feast - $800
  5th-8th Russian Fede- slivko - $800
  9th-12th Norway Snute - $650
  9th-12th Switzerland biGs - $650
  9th-12th Germany XlorD - $650
  9th-12th Chile KiLLeR - $650
  13th-16th United State- DakkoN - $600
  13th-16th Brazil Potiguar - $600
  13th-16th Brazil Tunico - $600
  13th-16th United State- Illusion - $600

Valentine's Day contest winners announced!


After 2 weeks and a lot of submissions, the Valentine's Day contest has finally come to an end. We have received a great amount of submissions, and picking the 5 winners was not easy.

Before announcing our lucky and amazing winners,  please let me, on behalf of the whole MeetYourMakers team, thank you for partaking.


Here are the winners:

- Gabriel Bdc

- Link


- Richárd Kővári

- Zoom


- Chadz Poyaoan

- Zoom


- Nery Marques

- Zoom


- Dirk Allen Arago

- Zoom


Thank you again everybody, and congratulations to the five winners who really deserve their Dota 2 Beta key. In order to retrieve your prize, please send a Private Message to Falli-.

compLexity double strikes


United State- compLexity Gaming has kicked off 2012 by welcoming 3 great StarCraft II players, and a really rising Dota 2 team.

The structure's major StarCraft II recruitment is Korea, South Lee 'NaDa' Yoon Yeol. He is a living legend and was one of the most successful StarCraft: Brood War player. The Terran recognized that joining coL will help him boost his StarCraft II career which is, for now, far from perfect. He will also be able to play with Korea, South Team MVP to practice and become the strong player he was before.

Along side NaDaKorea, South Kim 'Heart' Min Hyuk - Terran aswell - is joining the American structure after being an important part of Korea, South Team SCV Life.

Last but not least, the structure is welcoming Korea, South Shin 'Killer'  Sang Ho, a player with a very solid Brood War experience and avid Protoss skills.


In addition to the its teams, compLexity has also recruited one of the very best Dota 2 teams at the moment with a score of 20-0-1 in 2012.

This team is none other than United State- Team FIRE, whom we have interviewed a few days ago. Back in this interview, Michael 'ixmike88' Ghannam told us they were already discussing with a few sponsors.

Statement from United State- Michael 'ixmike88' Ghannam:

It is hard to schedule and play every tournament without formal support, and even some tournaments require that you have a sponsor just to sign up or be invited. Though, we are fortunate that the International is in our own country. We are also in talks with multiple sponsors.

This sponsorship will bring Fire to another level and will also them to attend offline events.


compLexity rosters look as follows:

StarCraft IIDota 2
Korea, South Kim 'Heart' Min Hyuk
Korea, South Shin 'Killer'  Sang Ho 
Korea, South Lee 'NaDa' Yoon Yeol 
United State- Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra
United State- Michael 'Goswser' Dobler
United State- Chad 'Minigun' Jones
United State- Kevin 'qxc' Riley
United State- Julian 'rsvp' Xu
United State- Ryan 'Ryan' Rushia
United State- Joshua 'TriMaster' Niven
Canada Andrew 'drewbie' Mosey
Canada Brendon 'ryze' Walker
United State- Brian 'chapy' Chapman (manager)
United State- Brian 'FLUFFNSTUFF' Lee (captain)
United State- Tony 'HANNAH_MONTANA' Talavera
United State- Michael 'ixmike88' Ghannam 
Canada Jio 'Jeyo' Madayag
Canada Tyler 'TC' Cook

Time for MYM.LoL changes


Back in times, MeetYourMakers used to have the very best Counter-Strike Polish team. The Counter-Strike era is over, but today we are welcoming a League of Legends Polish team, to replace the Spanish one.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the Spanish players who have been playing under the devil's flag for a few months now, have to conceed their place for the well-known Poland exGBT team.

The Poland GameBurg Team was not unknown to anyone closely following the League of Legends as they are quite famous and one of the greatest teams of Eastern Europe.

Statement by Germany Sebastian 'Falli' Rotterdam, Team Manager:

I´m happy that we can announce our new League of Legends Team today. The team which was longtime known as GBT got lots of potencial to win some big events. First time they were showing their great skill was at WCG 2011 where they reached a suprising 2nd place. With signing this team we want to continue the successful history of MYM and Polish Teams. I also wanna thank our former team for their time at MYM and I wish them all the best for their upcoming tournaments.

Statement by Poland Konrad 'Mokatte' Kukier, Team Captain:

I am very pleased to join the MYM organization. We have been looking for our new home for long time but it paid off and I'm pretty sure that together with the MYM management we will build a strong and stable team. Our targets are huge LAN tournaments and we will do everything in our power to bring glory for MeetYourMakers during those (but not only!) events.


Notable achievements:

Gold SEC 2011
Silver WCG 2011


MYM.LoL looks as follows:

Poland Konrad 'Mokatte' Kukier (captain)
Poland Krystian 'Czaru' Przybylski
Poland Mateusz 'Kikis' Szkudlarek
Poland Jakub 'Kubon' Turewicz
Poland Marek 'Libik' Kręgiel
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Dota 2 patch decoding with the pros


Valve's new title, Dota 2, is one of the most rapidly rising games and has been so since last summer. But as there is no game without updates, the company behind the game has decided to patch it every week, or more precisely (if we count out Valve time) - each Thursday at 11 PM CET.

In this series of reports, we will closely follow the Dota 2 Beta patches and what changes Valve may introduce to the balance of the game (in both public and competitive matches) and plenty of its other aspects. To provide vision from an expert's point of view, the patch updates will be commented by some of the most famous DotA and Dota 2 Beta professional players.

How do pros feel about the matchmaking system? Is the newly added hero going to completely shift the way heroes are picked and banned in competitive matches? Find out the answers to these and other questions every week here in MeetYourMakers' very own "Patch Decoding".


Read the complete article here


MYM.LoL to attend APL



Yesterday we proudly announced our new pl flag MYM.LoL squad and today we got invited to participate in the APL series. eu flag AbsoluteLegends.net have announced the 4 groups where the 16 previously invited teams will fight each other for a place in the Playoffs, which will feature a Single-Elimination Bracket and the winning team will receive a €1,000 prize.The AbsoluteProLeague series is for professional teams and is entirely invitational, while the AbsoluteAmateurLeague is open for every team who plays on EU West. Most of the games will be streamed by the AbsoluteLegends TV Casters.


eu flag AbsoluteLegends.net full relase:

The Groups for the AbsoluteProLeauge are finally drawn. The 16 teams will fight each other in 4 different groups, where the best two teams of each group will advance info the Playoffs. In the playoffs, the teams will fight in a Single-Elimination-Bracket and the winner will receive €1,000

The 4 best teams of an APL will also be the top seeded teams for the next tournament. At the end of the Season there will be an Online Qualifier, where the best 8 teams of the previous AbsoluteProLeagues will fight for the 4 slots in the Grand Final. This Grand Final will take place at a Lan event with a prize pool of $10,000.


Group A 
eu flag AbsoluteLegends
fr flag Sypher
eu flag FnaticRC
eu flag WinFakt
       Group B 
us flag Counter Logic Gaming
fr flag aAa
fr flag Millenium
fi flag TCM-Gaming


Group C 
pl flag MeetYourMakers
ru flag Mousesports
nl flag LowLandLions
es flag exMeetYourMakers
       Group D 
ru flag Moscow 5
eu flag Natus Vincere
nl flag Western Wolves
de flag mTw


Gold 1st place - €1,000
Silver 2nd place - €500
bronze 3rd place - Riot Points & Skins.

 Source: AbsoluteLegends.net

TPL season 1 comes to an end


Two months of non-stop Dota 2 action and over 40 matches between the world's 10 top teams are behind us, with The Premiere League's season 1 coming to a closure and Ukraine Natus Vincere taking the first place and a $5,000 prize. They earned 25 points from 9 matches and were closely followed by United State- compLexity Gaming and Australia Absolute Legends. The latter two entered the league subsequently, to fill the empty slots caused by other teams not being able to cope with the tight schedule, making their respective placements just as praise-worthy.

Here are the final top 3 placements:

Gold$5,000 - Ukraine Na`Vi
Silver$3,000 - United State- coL
Bronze$2,000 - Australia aL

Our own MYM Dota 2 team, despite facing roster changes, disbandments and being forced to play with stand-ins during the season, took 8th place - a result one cannot be disappointed with, considering the forementioned circumstances. Also worth noting is that this is the highest placement among all invited Asian teams.

MYM.LoL in HearToWin Cup



Today is the start of the Sennheiser HearToWin Cup and the schedule of the group stage of the tournament has already been announced. The matches in the group stage will be in the Best-of-1 format, whereas the Playoffs are played in Best-of-3. Only the best team of each group will qualify for the Quarterfinals, Semi-Final and Grand Finals which will all be played tomorrow, March 17th. The prize money is provided by Own3d.tv and Sennheiser, sponsors of the tournament. Here you can watch the english stream.

 Friday March, 16
 de flag Showmatch Team TaKeTV  0 - 1eu flag AbsoluteLegends
 eu flag FnaticRC 1 - 0de flag Alternate
 fr flag aAa1 - 0fr flag Sypher
 pl flag MeetYourMakers1 - 0eu flag SK Gaming
 fr flag aAa1 - 0nl flag WW
 fr flag Millenium 1 - 0eu flag Na'Vi
 pl flag MeetYourMakers1 - 0eu flag Na'Vi
 eu flag FnaticRC0 - 1
eu flag CLG
 pl flag MeetYourMakers1 - 0fr flag Millenium



Group A 
fr flag aAa
de flag mTw
nl flag WW
fr flag Sypher
       Group B 
eu flag CLG
de flag LogiX
de flag Alternate
eu flag FnaticRC



Group C 
eu flag SK Gaming
eu flag Na'Vi
fr flag Millenium
pl flag MeetYourMakers
       Group D 
eu flag AbsoluteLegends
ru flag Moscow Five
eu flag TCM
ru flag Mouz


Gold 1st place - 2.500 € 
Silver 2nd place - 1.250 €
bronze 3rd place - 750 €




Today is the 4th Online Qualifier and the last for the MSI NVIDIA Trophy. pl flag MeetYourMakers is participating at the 4th Online Qualifier, which unfortunately prevents the team to continue competing in the Sennheiser HearToWin Cup, where they have already beaten teams such as eu flag SK Gaming, eu flag Na'Vi and fr flag Millenium at Group C.

The matches for the MSI NVIDIA Trophy in the group stage will be in the Best-of-1 format, whereas the Playoffs are played in Best-of-3. The Final will take place at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France. Here you can see the brackets of the tournament. Most of the games will be streamed by the AbsoluteLegends TV Casters.


Gold 1st place - 4,000€ + 5x MSI GeForce GTX560Ti Graphics Cards
Silver 2nd place - 2,500€ + 5x Z68A-GD55 (G3) Motherboards
bronze 3rd place - 1,500€


You can find us on Quakenet IRC in the #gamers-assembly channel.
Tournament admin: zeurayne (head)
Referees:  zephirmir, nael, lex, atcha


MYM.LoL at The Gaming Series



Like a Boss Ltd.
today announced their gaming portal called "The Gaming Series". It is a portal for competitive gaming and many more things around eSports. For the announcement of the new portal they also organized a tournament for League of Legends.

The 24 best European League of Legends teams will participate in the tournament. 16 have been directly invited to the tournament while 8 teams have to qualify through 4 open qualifiers. Every game will be streamed with pre-interviews and after-match-interviews. All the teams will be drawn into 4 groups with 6 teams each. The matches will be played on Tuesday and Thursday each week, where 3 matches will be played on each day.

The group stage will be played in Best-of-2 format and the Playoffs will be played in Best-of-3 mode while the later matches will be Best-of-5. The whole tournament will take place in cooperation with AbsoluteLegends, depending administration and casting of the tournament.


eu flag AbsoluteLegends
eu flag Natus Vincere
nl flag Western Wolves
de flag mTw
fr flag aAa
ru flag Mousesports
pl flag MeetYourMakers
fr flag Millenium


eu flag CLG.eu
fr flag Sypher
eu flag WinFakt
eu flag TEAMLESS
ru flag Moscow 5
fi flag TCM-Gaming
de flag Alternate
eu flag SK Gaming


Gold 1st place - $5.000  + 5 ASUS Gaming Laptops worth $10,000
Silver 2nd place - $3,000
bronze 3rd place - $2,000

For more information and updates about the tournament you can also go to the Facebook Page of the event.

MYM.LoL to attend offline finals in France



The MSI NVIDIA Trophy came to an end with some amazing matches. pl flag MeetYourMakers finished 2nd by losing 2 maps to 1 against eu flag Na'Vi in the final of the 4th and last online qualifier of the MSI NVIDIA Trophy.

Consequently, they secured themselves a place for the offline final event which will take place at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France. Here you can see the brackets of the tournament.

The MeetYourMakers staff will be there to cover the Grand Final and update you with pictures, results and more.

Media partners are AbsoluteLegends TV Casters & the LoL TV by Millenium.



Gold 1st place - 4,000€ + 5x MSI GeForce GTX560Ti Graphics Cards
Silver 2nd place - 2,500€ + 5x Z68A-GD55 (G3) Motherboards
bronze 3rd place - 1,500€


Read the coverage here


IRC contact: #gamers-assembly
Tournament admin: zeurayne (head)
Referees:  zephirmir, nael, lex, atcha

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