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    The International DotA 2 Tournament: Groups, Results and Schedule.

        Group A  Pld Win Lose Pts
    China EHOME 3 3 0 9
    China iG 3 2 1 6
    Slovakia SGC 3 1 2 3
    Philippines Mineski 3 0 3 0
     China EHOME >  iG China 
     China EHOME > Mineski Philippines 
     China EHOME >   SGC Slovakia 
     China iG > Mineski Philippines 
     China iG > SGC Slovakia 
     Philippines Mineski < SGC Slovakia 


        Group B  Pld Win Lose Pts
    Internationa- OK.Nv.Int 3 3 0 9
    China TyLoo 3 2 1 6
    China OK.Nv.Cn 3 1 2 3
    France Virus 3 0 3 0
     China TyLoo >  OK.Nv.Cn China 
     China TyLoo < OK.Nv.Int Internationa- 
     China TyLoo >  Virus France 
     China OK.Nv.Cn < OK.Nv.Int Internationa- 
     China OK.Nv.Cn > Virus France 
     Internationa- OK.Nv.Int > Virus France 


    Looser Bracket - Playoffs Qualifiers
    Slovakia SGC

    France Virus
    France Virus

    Thailand MiTh.Trust

    Thailand MiTh.Trust
    Internationa- GGnet

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    Gamescom, the world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment, will be live from the 17th of August until the 22nd in Cologne, the biggest and most populated city of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia. will cover the most important tournaments GamesCom 2011 has to offer, namely the incredible International DotA 2 Tournament, as well as the German WCG Qualifier, XMG Cup or the EPS Intel Friday Night game between MYM.FIFA and Team Acer.

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  • 08/23/11--01:40: The International: Photos
  • We've finished uploading some fresh photos from GamesCom 2011. You can find some interesting pictures with your favorite players from MYM, as well as some "behind-the-scenes" with the MYM staff.

    Click here to view the entire album on Facebook!

    Click here to view the entire album on Facebook!

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    Spain Meet Your Makers

     Spain  Alvar 'Araneae' Martin

     Spain  Juan 'Exterminaire" Ricardo  

     Spain  Victor 'heiN' Ortiz      

     Spain  Aaron 'Babeta' Bernabeu

     Spain  Daniel 'Shad'  Gonzalez


    Germany Clanless

     Germany Vogel 'Schabs' Thomas

     Germany Victor 'CitizenWayne' Toll

     Germany Wagner 'Wollelol' Stefan

     Germany Christoph 'nRated' Seitz

     Germany Hentschel 'Faamy' Steffen


    With their qualification, both  SpainMYM.LoL and Germany Clanless already have won 500€ to cover their travel costs for the finals. The event features 2000€ in prize money only and will take place in the Germany IFA convention arena in Berlin. Stream will be via AbsoluteTV:

    Besides playing in the Isku Challenge finals this weekend, our League of Legends team will also compete in the online qualifier for the upcoming United State- IEM New York Global Challenge.

    Bulgaria Tomislav "flyy" Mihailov:

    "We've been quite unlucky in the last qualifications for IEM, having to play LAN events and other matches at the same time, our schedule was so tight that we couldnt focuss on the maximum of our strenght. IEM NewYork Qualification 2 is quite the same, we are playing a bo7 match at IFA in Berlin for the Isku Challenge Finals, but right now we feel more than confident that we can qualify."

    United State- IEM New York Global Challenge will take place in the New York's Comic Con area from October 13th to 16th. World's best eight teams will fight for a piece of the amazing $32,000 prizepool and for a two World Championship slots.


    Round 1: SpainMYM.LoL [1:0] EuropeBYE

    Round 2: SpainMYM.LoL [1:0] GermanymTw.LoL

    Round 3: SpainMYM.LoL [1:0] ItalyTeamRedByte

    Final Round: SpainMYM.LoL [bo3]  Europefnatic.MSI(day to be announced)



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    myMYM and mostly has held an interview with Spain Alvar 'Araneae' Martin who is the captain of the League of Legends line-up. Alvar speaks about their joining in MeetYourMakers, how they prepared for the Germany Acer Challenge which they have own and more...

    Watch the interview below :


    Interview : Interview with MYM|Araneae :

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    Within a few days, the final game of the Spanish WCG qualifiers will be played between Spain MeetYourMakers and Spain TeamSpainVendetta. MYM had to beat Spain Dimegio in the semi-finals, while TSV had to face Spain deMentes.

    It will be an interesting match, as TSV has 2 Spain ex-Wizards members (kaidoh & BarbeQ) as well as a member of the current MYM team (Shadowlink) in their line-up. Luckily, MYM can count on Spain Enrique xPeke Cedeño Martinez from United Kingd- FnaticMSI to be their 5th player.

    The final match is planned to start on Monday 12 September at 16:30. The game will be a best of three and the winner will go through to the WCG Spanish LAN Finals.


    These guys are playing for MYM :

    Spain Alvar 'Araneae' Martin
    Spain Aarón 'Babeta' Collados Bernabeu
    Spain Juan 'Exterminare' Navarro Ricardo
    Spain Victor 'heiN' Ruiz
    Spain Enrique 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez (FnaticMSI)

    TSV has the following line-up:

    Spain Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago (SK Gaming)
    Spain Adrián 'Adry' Aguilera Escudero (ILogic Multigaming)
    Spain BarbeQ
    Spain Rubén 'elite' Ramos García
    Spain kaidoh
    Spain ShadowLink
    Spain tDarka


    The game will be streamed by both teams.
    You can check out Ocelote's stream here or Araneae's stream here.

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    As far as DotA is concerned, MeetYourMakers has been here since the very start of it, from as early as Dreamhack Winter in 2006 to this year's Farm4Fame #3 and Darer Tournament. During these five full years MYM.DotA has quickly achieved a legendary status as one of the most renown and stable teams out there, and had maintained it for a long time. MYM has also managed to forge a reputable tournament brand that is recognized throughout the entire competitive DotA scene. Meet Your Makers will always support DotA and we cannot imagine ourselves without it. In the next couple of paragraphs we will remember the players and achievements through the history of the team, to pay our respect to all the people who have brought MYM where it is now and to reminisce of all that was.

    It is almost unnecessary to mention it, but the MYM.DotA team has achieved over and over again through its history, with many of the greatest DotA players wearing its tag. Even though the roster was often submitted to changes, it possessed a steady backbone made up of three players which managed to produce a powerful and stable atmosphere for the team, making every new change a long-term and effective one. The backbone was formed with the recruitment of Denmark Martin 'PusHer' Mogensen while the other two thirds, Denmark Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen and Denmark Brian 'MaNia' Strandby, were already a part of the team. Although these three players eventually became synonymous with the MYM brand, they were accompanied by a lot of equally legendary players without whom MYM.DotA wouldn't have achieved what it had achieved.

    MYM at Dreamhack Summer
    Maelk, Merlini, H4nn1, p0c, MaNia, LevenT
    Sweden, June 2007

    In the early days, some of the players whos names still to this day ring the heaviest tone were United State- Ben 'Merlini' Wu, Germany Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbückers, United State- Clinton 'FearDarkness' Loomis and Sweden Jonathan 'Loda' Berg. These and others were part of many successes for the MYM team, a few of which would be top placements at events like MYM Prime Defending #10 (4th), MYM Prime Defending #11 (2nd), nGarena ENADC #2 (3rd) and DotA-League Masters (4th) back in 2008 and the beginning of 2009. Most of you will also remember the Denmark Martin 'AnGeL' Olsen and Denmark Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg duo which heavily contributed to this impressing achievement list:

    Silver DTS-CUP (2009)
    Gold Pick League XI (2009)
    4th Farm4Fame Series (2009)
    Gold ESL Major Series season IV (2009)
    Silver Dreamhack Summer (2009)
    Silver Gamescom (2009)
    Gold Pick League XII (2009)
    Bronze DotaClub Pro Series (2009)
    Gold DotA Pride Tournament (2009)

    MYM at Dreamhack Winter
    PusH, PlaymatE, Maelk, MaNia, H4nn1
    Sweden, December 2008

    MYM at SMM
    AngeL, miGGel, KuroKy, MaNia, PusH,
    Malaysia, 2009

    It is worth mentioning that the team leader Denmark Maelk had a pause from competitive DotA at the time and his place was well filled by the German star-player Germany Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi, who managed to bring the team to one 2nd place and to three first places (DotA Pride Tour being the last included) before Maelk decided to return. After Denmark AnGeL and Denmark miGGel decided to depart, they were replaced by Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija who was already a part of the team in the past, and Croatia Dominik 'LacostE' Stipić, with both of whom the team made these notable achievements:

    Silver European DotA Championship Pro League (2010)
    Silver ProDotA Challenge Challenge (2010)
    Bronze FARM4FAME: Second Blood (2010)
    Bronze Pick League XIII (2010)
    Bronze Storm the Front #3 (2010)
    Bronze ESWC (2010)

    MYM at ESWC
    Maelk, PusH, MaNia, 13abyknight, Ange, Sascha, PlaymatE
    France, July 2010

    After MYM.DotA signing another two star-players, United State- Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho and Denmark Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Fillipsen, Croatia LacostE decided to leave the team on the basis of crowdiness, just before the final phases of the Intel Challenge: Supercup #7 and Pick League XIV were played, in which MYM ofcourse was still fighting for glory. Here is a list of all MYM.DotA players, regardless of when they played under our flag, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our family:

    Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
    Denmark Brian 'MaNia' Strandby
    Denmark Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen
    United State- Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
    Denmark Martin 'PusHer' Mogensen
    Denmark Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Fillipsen
    Croatia Dominik 'LacostE' Stipic
    Germany Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbückers
    United State- Ben 'Merlini' Wu
    United State- Clinton 'FearDarkness' Loomis
    Sweden Jonathan 'Loda' Berg
    Germany Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi
    Denmark Julian 'Paccie' Cilea
    Germany Levent 'LevenT' Isyapah
    United State- Walter 'p0c' Lu
    United State- Henry 'Fang' Fang
    Denmark Martin 'AnGeL' Olsen
    Denmark Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
    Sweden Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall
    Denmark Lasse 'slahser' Malver
    Canada John 'ezy' Chow

    To continue, we would like to express our sadness for ending the cooperation with our DotA team, but due to some personal problems and the wish of some to continue on other games, we had to separate.

    MYM.DotA line-up leaving:

    Denmark Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen
    Denmark Brian 'MaNia' Strandby
    Denmark Martin 'PusHer' Mogensen
    Denmark Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Fillipsen
    Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
    United State- Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho


    4th The International, GamesCom (2011)
    Silver Pick League XIV (2011)
    Gold Intel Challenge: Supercup #7 (2011)
    Gold Battle of Masters: LiteForex Cup (2011)
    Gold Farm4Fame 3 Series (2011)
    Gold Darer Tournament (2011)

    MYM at The International, GamesCom
    MaNia, MiSeRy, Maelk, PlaymatE, DeMoN
    Germany, 2011.

    With the retirement of Maelk and MaNia from the competitive scene an era is coming to an end within both the Makers and the DotA scene. However, we have asked ourselves a question - what would the DotA scene be like without the name of MYM? This is something simply impossible for us to imagine. With the announcement of DotA 2 and our wish to go professional in DotA as we have never before, a new legendary page has to be written in the name of Meet Your Makers.

    A new start

    In order to respect these ambitions and wishes, the MYM organization has decided to start again by recruiting one of the most accomplished and reputable teams in the scene, known by the name of Singapore Scythe Gaming, along with a player returning to professional DotA who we believe needs no special introduction - Malaysia Wei Poong "YamateH" Ng. The skill and experience of these players is undisputed, as some of them have achievements like 1st placings at ESWC, WCG and ADC Asian DotA Championships, along with a 3rd place at the recent Dota 2 International tournament and other top placings at different local and regional tournaments (SMM, ESTC, Alienware, etc).

    So, without any further ado, we here at MYM are very proud to present you the all new MYM.DotA team:

    Internationa- MeetYourMakers
    MeetYourMakers Foundation: 2001 Headquarters: Germany Leipzig

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    Our newly-recruited MYM.DotA team will head to Bangkok, Thaïland in October 2011 from the 6th to the 9th in order to attend the ESTC 2011. It is the first time we will see our new team perform under the MYM banner. There, they will have to face some very talented teams such as Singapore AEONPhilippines Mineski, or even the recently-formed Malaysia Orange Esport plus 20 local teams in a standard format.

    The pricemoney looks as follows :

    Gold $6,000
    Silver $2,600

    MYM line-up will be same as the one ending 3rd at "The International" :

    Singapore hyhy (captain)
    Singapore iceiceice
    Singapore Roy
    Singapore Tofu
    Singapore xy-


    32 teams dispatched in 8 groups, only both first teams in a group can pass to the next round.Then, the 16 victorious teams have to face versus each other in a simple elimination (Bo1) bracket.




    Source and rules : BigFestival
    Teams list : Online-Station

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    World Cyber Games, self-described as "the world's largest computer and video game festival" will see our Spanish players attend its offline Grand Finals by the end of the year.

    It is been a really hard job that the League of Legends player have done in order to successfully pass the Word Cyber Games 2011 qualifiers, but they did it. Consequently, Spain Alvar 'Araneae' Martin and his friends will fly to Korea, South Busan from December 8th to 11th, 2011 to show their skills at the offline Grand Finals.

    In fact, all MeetYourMakers' players will be attending the Grand Finals but the team registered under the name of Spain Smart People, as they have been playing with fnatic's Spain Enrique 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez.


    Smart People's roster looks as follows :

    Spain Alvar 'Araneae' Martin
    Spain Aaron 'Babeta' Collados Bernabeu
    Spain Juan 'Exterminare' Ricardo
    Spain Victor 'heiN' Ortiz
    Spain Enrique 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez
    Spain Daniel 'Shad' Gonzalez

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  • 10/29/11--04:55: Araneae takes the pen #1
  • Araneae takes the pen

    It is a late monday afternoon, we are a week away from Halloween. While people are finishing their costume and watching some horror movies, MYM|Araneae came to me with an idea.

    What ? You do not know who Spain Alvar 'Araneae' Martin is ? Let me clear it : Alvar is the captain of Germany MeetYourMakers' League of Legends team. Reknowned for playing and streaming his games, he will now be co-writing an article which is very rare for a player to do the job of an editor.


    Araneae presenting himself :

    I'm Araneae from MYM.LoL, and I will work every week on informing you about what is going on with the team! We are now training again since we took a break after where we qualified for Korea! (Busan).

    Let's get back to the aticle. So Araneae told me about his idea. He wanted to make a recap of the whole team's results of the past month, with him helping me write the article as well as commenting it with statements. The idea sounded great, so we decided to give it a try.

    Welcome to Alvar's weekly blog : Araneae takes the pen.


    The team's main achievement of the past month is obviously them qualifying for the WCG Grand Finals which will take place in early December, 2011 in South Korea.

    They picked up their great friend Spain Enrique 'fnatic\xPeke' Cedeño Martinez to play with them under the Spanish flag of Smart People. After a really successfull online qualifier, they managed to beat Vendetta whose captain was SK-Gaming's Spain Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez Santiago. MYM's newly recruited Spain Dani 'Shad' Gonzalez Soler won't be able to fly to Korea, South Busan as he joined the team after the WCG team was made.

    Alvar's feelings about WCG and the team, Smart People :

    The sensation when we won the qualifiers and we knew that we were going to travel to Korea was something I can't describe with words. Smart People is a super strong team for WCG, MYM and the experience of xPeke is just  great. I am really confident for WCG. (smile)


    The team shouting "DEMACIA !"

    Smart People

    From left to right : Babeta, Exterminare, Araneae, heiN, xPeke, Leoliopop (Spanish Riot Community Manager)

  2011 League of Legends teaser

    Spanish interview of Araneae and xPeke (translated)

    Translation of the interview by Araneae :

    QUESTION: An intense final, hard final, 2 games, and champions, you won a Korean travel, what's around your head at the moment?

    Araneae: As I already said, that was our main goal. For us Korea, the WCG, it is too much, and at the moment, we just want to travel to Korea, play against the best teams around the world, and try to get back home the WCG championship.

    QUESTION: xPeke, final vs Vendetta, do you remember the interview we did to you last days? Finally there were no Vendetta...

    xPeke: No, finally no Vendetta, it went all fine for us haha.

    QUESTION: Was it an easy victory?

    Araneae: No, not at all. To be honest, we studied them so hard to see what they can pick and what they can ban, so for me it was more a strategical victory. Because individually, they had really good players.

    QUESTION: Before the Grand Finals, what are you going to do? What are your plans?

    xPeke: For me, I want to keep training, at least 3 or 4 days a week, because I think we can do a really good tournament with this team.

    Araneae: For me, the actual team we are travelling with to Korea, is my dream team, since xPeke is for my best friend on this game, and I am really happy to play with him in this tournament.


    Go4LoL, one of ESL's major tournaments is a place where our players can achieve great results as out of 3 cups, they did it to 3 finals where 2 of them are still to be played.

    Making it to the finals means beating 6 or 7 teams without a single loss, which would otherwise cause a disqualification.

    Below are the finals :


    Go4LoL #55

    Spain MeetYourMakers vs. United Kingd- fnaticMSI / Europe Tom (ESL)

    Go4LoL #56

    Spain MeetYourMakers vs. United Kingd- fnaticMSI / France Sypher (ESL)

    Go4LoL #60

    Spain MeetYourMakers Poland Gameburg Team (ESL)


    Follow the team :

    ESL : Smart People
    ESL : MeetYourMakers
    ESL : Join the fanclub !
    IRC : #MYM.LoL
    Stream : Araneae

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    What’s the recipe for sweet dreams? At Dreamhack Winter 2011, the answer’s probably a LAN arena filled with tens of thousands of gamers, fueled by a 20 Gbit network, food, beverages and hundreds of hours of live entertainment.

    At Razer, we say sweet dream’s a tasty mix of Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, Razer Imperator 4G Gaming Mouse, Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset, Razer Goliathus Extended Gaming Surface and a Razer Bungee Cord Management System.

    THREE lucky gamers will have a chance to win the Razer Dream Gaming Suite shown below. Giveaway runs from November 24th to December 1st, 2011. Can’t be at Dreamhack? No sweat - this giveaway is open to gamers worldwide.

    Maximize your fantasies with an additional Razer Messenger Bag, Razer Keyboard Bag and Razer Flask by sharing this page once you've signed up in our random draw. GLHF

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  • 12/02/11--09:50: Araneae takes the pen #2
  • Araneae takes the pen

    Welcome back, this is the second version of Araneae's blog.

    In today's blog, we will speak about the joining of Spain Alejandro 'NeoKaos' Tabares in the team as AD carry. In addition, we will speak about a LAN that took place last week-end and where Spain Alvar 'Araneae' Martin was with 4 of his friends. He also took some photos to share. Alvar will also have his own third film released within 2 months, and its trailer has been released recently ! To end with, please note that the guys are flying to Korea, South Busan in order to play the World Cyber Games.


    I already said it but I will repeat myself, NeoKaos is MYM's new AD carry. You know, the one that deals heavy Armor Damage to opponents ! Here is the interview made by Alvar himself :

    When did you start playing LoL ?
    I started playing LoL 2 months after it was released. A friend showed it to me.
    How did you meet the components of the MYM.LoL team ?
    I met Exter and Babeta before season 1, they tried to do a team but I was too bad.
    I met heiN on a Spanish squad, and I played with him for 3 months.
    And Araneae was funny, I met him because he was 1 of the famous players of the Spanish Community. But we never had a good relationship. Nowadays I know him better since I joined this team and we are good friends.
    Define with a single word all the members of MYM.LoL :
    Araneae: Mediatic
    Babeta: TeamPlayer
    Exterminare: PRO
    heiN: Skilled
    Any last word to the readers of ?
    I'd like to thank the oportunity MYM offered me and I will try my best for the team!

    Make a warm welcome to NeoKaos in the family ! ;)

    As said above, Alvar attended a local Spanish LAN with some of his non-MYM friends and he decided to share with you, dear fans, his feelings about the LAN and some photos to illustrate.

    This LAN took place in Spain Ourense, and was a League of Legends one featuring a total prizemoney of a great €2,800. Alvar's teams looks like that :

    From left to right : ag2r, Araneae, Santinm, sh0w and r0ar.

    When they arrived Saturday afternoon, they entered a pretty cool room where they were watching some League of Legends matches in a screen :



    But what you do not know is that Alvar is as lazy as his famous cat, Ara ! Lazy boy fall asleep in the room... Nobody knows if it is due to the match being too boring compared to Alvar's skills or maybe due to that he trained too much, but he could not say "no" to a rest in the room.

    Sunday from Araneae's point of view:

    Sunday we played some games and I played all day Twitch jungle! Pretty funny.


    The team won all their matches but the tournament could not be finished due to server problems... Due to these problems, the tournament will be finished online, and not offline as it was supposed to be. Stay tuned to further blogs to know who won the so-expected finals !



    Alvar is such a good player who is liked by the community that he will have his own film released soon. Actually, it is the third one, but we have a grat trailer to show !



    As you already know, WCG will take place in 10 days and our boys will be flying to Korea, South Busan. Obviously, Alvar wanted to share his feelings :

    Statement from Araneae about WCG :

    We are going this Tuesday to Korea, WCG! We are the Spanish representative of League of Legends! I hope you follow us there! Remember we are going to Korea without Neokaos. Instead of him, xPeke is coming with us! I will try to do a videoblog everyday from Korea to inform you what happens to us! :)

    See you soon for Araneae's blog #3 ! ;-)

    Follow the team :

    ESL : MeetYourMakers
    ESL : Join the fanclub !
    IRC : #MYM.LoL
    Stream : Araneae

    Read other blogs :

    #1 : Araneae takes the pen #1
    #3 : Coming soon

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  • 12/06/11--10:25: Video : MYMCL highlights
  • MYM CL

    If you do not know what the MYM DotA Champions League was, then you really missed something. It lasted for a few moinths and for 2 seasons and offered great prizemoney to the top-finishing players.

    But these players were no unknown to anyone as 95% of them were reknowned pros, playing for the most prestigious team throughout the world.

    Who means great players means great moves, and that's what has been gathered in the following video.



    This video has been made by Mati and MeetYourMakersUkraine Evgeniy 'Brain' Komaristyy.


    More information :

    Video :
    MYM CL coverage :


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  • 12/07/11--03:15: Follow MYM at WCG
  • WCG 2011

    One of the world's most famous tournament, the World Cyber Games, will take place this week in Korea, South Busan were some of our players will be, playing League of Legends or FIFA 2011.

    Sponsored by Samsung, the WCG can make sure it offers a huge prizemoney to the best attendants to the tournament.

    Our Spanish League of Legends team as well as our German FIFA player Era will be attending the Grand Finals of this year.


    You can follow our attending players in this coverage, with detailed results and some other cool things.


    More information :

    Coverage :

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    Germany Jannik 'Era' Huber is the only MYM.FIFA representative at the World Cyber Games 2011 Grand Finals this week. He will have to battle it out again some of the greatest players in the world to claim himself as the World Champion.

    His group C matches are already established, and look as follows :

    Round 1: vs. Edmon Grigoryan from Armenia
    Round 2: vs. Ruben Morales Zerecero from Mexico Mexico
    Round 3: vs. Won Joon Jeong from South Korea Korea, South
    Round 4: vs. XiaoTian Zhang from China China

    The matches are planned to start on Thursday afternoon, right after the opening ceremony ends. All details and schedules can be found in the WCG 2011 coverage.

    Prizemoney distribution :



    Era won ESL Pro Series Germany Season XIII twice, one time with MYM.FIFA (5on5 clanwar) and second, with his team mate Germany Benedikt 'SaLz0r' Saltzer. Jannik has also two ENC trophies in 2009 and 2010 with the National team of Germany.

    Stay tunned in the coverage for more live informations from World Cyber Games.


    More information :

    Coverage :

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    Germany Jannik 'Era' Huber, our team player from MYM.FIFA,  made a great achievement today, winning five matches from five possible. He started the the World Cyber Games groupstage today with a great winning desire, leaving behing all of his opponents.

    In the first match, Germany Jannik won against Edmon Grigoryan from Armenia without any problem, preparing himself for the next matches. And he did it well! Fifthteen points from fithteen possible!

    Other results:

    Win vs. Ruben Morales Zerecero from Mexico Mexico

    Win vs. Won Joon Jeong from South Korea Korea, South

    Win vs. XiaoTian Zhang from China China

    Win vs. Zohaib Ahmed Mughal from Pakistan Pakistan

    Germany Jannik 'Era' Huber is waiting for the single elimination part of the tourney until tomorrow afternoon. All details and schedules can be found in the WCG 2011 coverage.


    More information :

    Coverage :

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    Spain Alvar 'Araneae-' Marin, Spain Aaron 'Babeta-' Bernabeu, Spain Juan 'Exterminaire-' Ricardo, Spain Victor 'heiN-' Ortiz and Spain Alejandro 'neokaos' Tabares were the Spain representatives at the World Cyber Games Grand Finals and also our League of Legends squad.

    After a very good start with a win agaist United Kingd- Team_RageFace, our players didn't manage to win another match and also to assure their place in the next phase of the tournament.

    With a very hard group led by the Chinese team of iG, the final battle for the 2nd qualifying place was between our team and United State- Team Dignitas. At the end of a very tensioned and spectaculous match, the Americans won and left our team behind the competition.

    MYM.LoL results:

    Win  vs. United Kingd- Team RageFace

    Lose vs. China iG

    Lose vs. United State- Dignitas

    All details and schedules can be found in the WCG 2011 coverage.


    More information :

    Coverage :

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    What a match to be seen! A pure German clash on the World Cyber Games 2011 scene for the FIFA fans!

    Germany Jannik 'Era' Huber will face Germany Tim 'Schiewe' Schiewe in one of the most expected matches of this single elimination phase. Both of them had a very good start in the competition, winning their groups without any problem.

    If Jannik wins this match, and we hope he will, he will face in the next phase of the competition (round of 8), the winner between Bulgaria Stanislav 'LLL_WickyBG' Chakarov and Switzerland Miroslav 'mirodeniro' Nikolic.

    Both matches and also the semifinal will be played on 10th December.


    Era's group stage results:

    Win vs. Edmon 'ED' Grigoryan from Armenia

    Win vs. Ruben Morales 'Zerecero' Zerecero from Mexico Mexico

    Win vs. Won Joon 'Da2Love_KOR' Jeong from South Korea Korea, South

    Win vs. XiaoTian 'PanDa.HALO' Zhang from China China

    Win vs. Zohaib Ahmed 'RoonsterUG' Mughal from Pakistan Pakistan


    Schiewe's group stage result:

    Win vs. Diego 'lara_655' Lara from Chille Chile

    Win vs. David Andres 'Davidbucheli182' Bucheli from Ecuador Ecuador

    Win vs. Bartosz 'Bartas' Tritt  from Poland Poland

    Win vs. Johan 'Veraguense' Castillo from Panama Panama

    Win vs. Fernando 'na_fi_si' de Sousa from Namibia

    Lose vs. Andre Casgrande 'Playart_Buffo' Buffo from Brazil Brazil


    They both won 5 matches but Schiewe was in a 7-men group so he had to play a sixth match, which he lost.


    All details and schedules can be found in the WCG 2011 coverage.


    More information :

    Coverage :


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  • 12/10/11--00:00: WCG : Not for MYM...
  • WCG 2011

    Our Spanish League of Legends team as well as Germany Jannik 'Era' Huber attended the Grand Finals of the World Cyber Games 2011 in Busan, Korea.

    After a great start, winning 5 out of his 5 groupstage matches, Era qualified himself to the Eighth-finals but was unable to pass this round, losing to Germany Daniel 'Schiewe' Schiewe. Sadly, the League of Legends team did not have the same chance as they only won 1 of their 3 groupstage matches, which was against United Kingd- 4Kings.

    This must be a real disappointment for the players are they clearly had their chance of becoming the 2011 World Champions, but count on them to take their revenge next year.


    All details and schedules can be found in the WCG 2011 coverage.


    More information :

    Coverage :



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  • 01/08/12--10:00: We are back up !
  • 404: MYM not found

    As everyone has noticed, was down since a few days before Christmas. Consequently, almost every browser put a red warning message when you tried to join the site saying there was a malware in our code. No more.

    Our site has been hacked. No data has been stolen, so do not be afraid about getting your password or contact informations spread in the nature. Rest assured that your data was and will remain safe in the site.

    In order to fix the whole site, which took quite some time, we had to restore and clean a lot of site areas. But today, our site is fully back up and running like it should.


    The whole MeetYourMakers team, from management to editors, really apologizes for the trouble. We are back up.

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